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ID: 7999.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Pei, B.; Xu, Y.; Yin, G.
Stochastic averaging for a class of two-time-scale systems of stochastic partial differential equations
In: Nonlinear Analysis, 160
2017. 159-176 p.
[PIK: Xu]
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 7432.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Yin, X.; Kersebaum, K. C.; Kollas, C.; Baby, S.; Beaudoin, N.; Manevski, K.; Palosuo, T.; Nendel, C.; Wu, L.; Hoffmann, M.; Hoffmann, H.; Sharif, B.; Armas-Herrera, C. M.; Bindi, M.; Charfeddine, M.; Conradt, T.; Constantin, J.; Ewert, F.; Ferrise, R.; Gaiser, T.; Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, I.; Giglio, L.; Hlavinka, P.; Lana, M.; Launay, M.; Louarn, G.; Manderscheid, R.; Mary, B.; Mirschel, W.; Moriondo, M.; Öztürk, I.; Pacholski, A.; Ripoche-Wachter, D.; Rötter, R. P.; Ruget, F.; Trnka, M.; Vantrella, D.; Weigel, H.-J.; Olesen, J. E.
Multi-model uncertainty analysis in predicting grain N for crop rotations in Europe
In: European Journal of Agronomy, 84
2017. 152-165 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 7587.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Yin, X.; Kersebaum, K. C.; Kollas, C.; Manevski, K.; Baby, S.; Beaudoin, N.; Öztürk, I.; Gaiser, T.; Wu, L.; Hoffmann, M.; Charfeddine, M.; Conradt, T.; Constantin, J.; Ewert, F.; Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, I.; Giglio, L.; Hlvalinka, P.; Hoffmann, H.; Launay, M.; Louarn, G.; Manderscheid, R.; Mary, B.; Mirschel, W.; Nendel, C.; Pacholski, A.; Palosuo, T.; Ripoche-Wachter, D.; Rötter, R. P.; Ruget, F.; Sharif, B.; Trnka, M.; Ventrella, D.; Weigel, H.-J.; Olesen, J. E.
Performance of process-based models for simulation of grain N in crop rotations across Europe
In: Agricultural Systems, 154
2017. 63-77 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 7163.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Berger, A.; Crucifix, M.; Hodell, D. A.; Mangili, C.; McManus, J. F.; Otto-Bliesner, B.; Pol, K.; Raynaud, D.; Skinner, L. C.; Tzedakis, P. C.; Wolff, E. W.; Yin, Q. Z.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Barbante, C.; Brovkin, V.; Cacho, I.; Capron, E.; Ferretti, P.; Ganopolski, A.; Grimalt, J. O.; Hönisch, B.; Kawamura, K.; Landais, A.; Margari, V.; Martrat, B.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Mokeddem, Z.; Parrenin, F.; Prokopenko, A. A.; Raschid, H.; Schulz, M.; Vazquez Riveiros, N.
Interglacials of the last 800,000 years
In: Reviews of Geophysics, 54 , 1
2016. 162-219 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7163oa.pdf (5.79 Mb)
ID: 6927.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Makowski, D.; Asseng, S.; Ewert, F.; Bassu, S.; Durand, J.-L.; Li, T.; Martre, P.; Adam, M.; Aggarwal, P. K.; Angulo, C.; Baron, C.; Basso, B.; Bertuzzi, P.; Biernath, C.; Boogaard, H.; Boote, K. J.; Bouman, B.; Bregaglio, S.; Brissson, N.; Buis, S.; Cammarano, D.; Challinor, A .J.; Confalonieri, R.; Conijn, J. G.; Corbeels, M.; Deryng, D.; De Sanctis, G.; Doltra, J.; Fumoto, T.; Gaydon, D.; Gayler, S.; Goldberg, R. A.; Grant, R. F.; Grassini, P.; Hatfield, J. L.; Hasegawa, T.; Heng, L.; Hoek, S.; Hooker, J.; Hunt, L. A.; Ingwersen, J.; Izaurralde, R. C.; Jongschapp, R. E. E.; Jones, J. W.; Kemanian, R. A.; Kersebaum, K. C.; Kim, S. H.; Lizaso, J.; Marcaida III, M.; Müller, C.; Nakagawa, H.; Naresh Kumar, S.; Nendel, C.; O'Leary, J. G.; Olesen, J. E.; Oriol, P.; Osborne, T. M.; Palosuo, T.; Pravia, M. V.; Priesack, E.; Ripoche, D.; Rosenzweig, C.; Ruane, A. C.; Ruget, F.; Sau, F.; Semenov, M. A.; Shcherbak, I.; Singh, B.; Singh, U.; Soo, H. K.; Steduto, P.; Stöckle, C.; Stratonovitch, P.; Streck, T.; Supit, I.; Tang, L.; Tao, F.; Teixeira, E. I.; Thorburn, P.; Timlin, D.; Travasso, M.; Rötter, R. P.; Waha, K.; Wallach, D.; White, J. W.; Wilkens, P.; Williams, J. R.; Wolf, J.; Yin, X.; Yoshida, H.; Zhang, Z.; Zhu, Y.
A statistical analysis of three ensembles of crop model responses to temperature and CO2 concentration
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 214-215
2015. 483-493 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
6927oa.pdf (1.21 Mb)
ID: 6240.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Tang, Y.; Peng, C.; Yin, S.; Qiu, J.; Gao, H.; Kaynak, O.
Robust model predictive control under saturations and packet dropouts with application to networked flotation processes
In: IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 11 , 4
2014. 1056-1064 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 4766.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Schleußner, C. F.; Frieler, K.; Meinshausen, M.; Yin, J.; Levermann, A.
Emulating Atlantic overturning strength for low emission scenarios: consequences for sea-level rise along the North American east coast
In: Earth System Dynamics, 2 , 2
2011. 191-200 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
4766final.pdf (1.02 Mb)
ID: 2708.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Stouffer, R. J.; Yin, J.; Gregory, J. M.; Dixon, K. W.; Spelman, M. J.; Hurlin, W.; Weaver, A. J.; Eby, M.; Flato, G. M.; Hasumi, H.; Hu, A.; Jungclaus, J. H.; Kamenkovich, I. V.; Levermann, A.; Montoya, M.; Murakami, S.; Nawrath, S.; Oka, A.; Peltier, W. R.; Robitaille, D. Y.; Sokolov, A.; Vettoretti, G.; Weber, S. L.
Investigating the causes of the response of the thermohaline circulation to past and future climate changes
In: Journal of Climate, 19 , 8
2006. 1365-1387 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
Departments: Climate System
ID: 1503.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Smith, P.; Whitmore, A.; Wechsung, F.; Donatelli, M.; Coleman, K.; Yin, X.; Cramer, W.; Smith, J.; Agostini, F.
The MAGEC project: A regional-scale tool for examining the effects of global change on agro-ecosystems
In: Terrestrial ecosystem research in Europe: Successes, challenges and policy
Ed.: Sutton, A.; Moreno, J. M.; Van der Putten, W. H.; Struwe, S.
Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
2000. 182-183 p.
Doctype: Article in book
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
version 2.00b13/16