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ID: 8119.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Zaherpour, J.; Gosling, S. N.; Mount, N.; Müller-Schmied, H.; Veldkamp, T. I. E.; Dankers, R.; Eisner, S.; Gerten, D.; Gudmundsson, L.; Haddeland, I.; Hanasaki, N.; Kim, H.; Leng, G.; Liu, J.; Masaki, Y.; Oki, T.; Pokhrel, Y.; Satoh, Y.; Schewe, J.; Wada, Y.
Worldwide evaluation of mean and extreme runoff from six global-scale hydrological models that account for human impacts
In: Enviromental Research Letters, 13 , Art. 065015
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
8119oa.pdf (3.90 Mb)
ID: 8120.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Gosling, S.; Müller Schmied, H.; Betts, R.; Chang, J.; Ciais, P.; Dankers, R.; Döll, P.; Eisner, S.; Flörke, M.; Gerten, D.; Grillakis, M.; Hanasaki, N.; Hagemann, S.; Huang, M.; Huang, Z.; Jerez, S.; Kim, H.; Koutroulis, A.; Leng, G.; Liu, X.; Masaki, Y.; Montavez, P.; Morfopoulos, C.; Oki, T.; Papadimitriou, L.; Pokhrel, Y.; Portmann, F. T.; Orth, R.; Ostberg, S.; Satoh, Y.; Seneviratne, S.; Sommer, P.; Stacke, T.; Tang, Q.; Tsanis, I.; Wada, Y.; Zhou, T.; Büchner, M.; Schewe, J.; Zhao, F.
ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Water (global) Sector
GFZ Data Services
Doctype: Research Data
ID: 7686.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Veldkamp, T. I. E.; Wada, Y.; Aerts, J. C. J. H.; Döll, P.; Gosling, S. N.; Liu, J.; Masaki, Y.; Oki, T.; Ostberg, S.; Pokhrel, Y.; Sato, Y.; Kim, H.; Ward, P. J.
Water scarcity hotspots travel downstream due to human interventions in the 20th and 21st century
In: Nature Communications, 8 , 15697
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7686oa.pdf (1.21 Mb)
ID: 6947.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Döll, P.; Jiménez-Cisneros, B.; Oki, T.; Arnell, N. W.; Cogley, J. G.; Jiang, T.; Kundzewicz, Z. W.; Mwakalila, S.; Nishijima, A.
Integrating risks of climate change into water management
In: Hydrological Sciences Journal, 60 , 1
2015. 4-13 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
6947oa.pdf (914.45 Kb)
ID: 6854.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Frieler, K.; Levermann, A.; Elliott, J.; Heinke, J.; Arneth, A.; Bierkens, M. F. P.; Ciais, P.; Clark, D. B.; Deryng, D.; Döll, P.; Falloon, P.; Fekete, B.; Folberth, C.; Friend, A. D.; Gellhorn, C.; Gosling, S. N.; Haddeland, I.; Khabarov, N.; Lomas, M.; Masaki, Y.; Nishina, K.; Neumann, K.; Oki, T.; Pavlick, R.; Ruane, A. C.; Schmid, E.; Schmitz, C.; Stacke, T.; Stehfest, E.; Tang, Q.; Huber, V.; Piontek, F.; Warszawski, L.; Schewe, J.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Schellnhuber, H. J.
A framework for the cross-sectoral integration of multi-model impact projections: land use decisions under climate impacts uncertainties
In: Earth System Dynamics, 6 , 2
2015. 447-460 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
6854oa.pdf (883.85 Kb)
ID: 5093.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Haddeland, I.; Clark, D. B.; Franssen, W.; Ludwig, F.; Voß, F.; Arnell, N. W.; Bertrand, N.; Best, M.; Folwell, S.; Gerten, D.; Gomes, S.; Gosling, S. N.; Hagemann, S.; Hanasaki, N.; Harding, R.; Heinke, J.; Kabat, P.; Koirala, S.; Oki, T.; Polcher, J.; Stacke, T.; Viterbo, P.; Weedon, G. P.; Yeh, P.
Multimodel estimate of the terrestrial global water balance: setup and first results
In: Journal of Hydrometeorology, 12 , 5
2011. 869-884 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 4285.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Kundzewicz, Z. W.; Mata, L. J.; Arnell, N. W.; Döll, P.; Jimenez, B.; Miller, K.; Oki, T.; Şen, Z.
Water and climate projections
In: Hydrological Sciences Journal, 54 , 2
2009. 406-415 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 4282.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Kundzewicz, Z. W.; Nohara, D.; Tong, J.; Oki, T.; Buda, S.; Takeuchi, K.
Discharge of large Asian rivers - observations and projections
In: Quaternary International, 208 , 1-2
2009. 4-10 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 3685.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Kundzewicz, Z. W.; Mata, L. J.; Arnell, N.; Döll, P.; Jiménez, B.; Miller, K.; Oki, T.; Sen, Z.; Shiklomanov, I.
The implications of projected climate change for freshwater resources and their management
In: Hydrological Sciences Journal, 53 , 1
2008. 3-10 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 2307.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Xue, Y.; Hutjes, R. W. A.; Harding, R. J.; Claussen, M.; Prince, S. D.; Lebel, T.; Lambin, E. F.; Allen, S. J.; Dirmeyer, P. A.; Oki, T.
The Sahelian climate
In: Vegetation, water, humans and the climate – A new perspective on an interactive system
Ed.: Kabat, P.; Claussen, M.; Dirmeyer, P. A.
Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag
2004. 59-77 p.
Global Change - The IGBP Series
Doctype: Article in book
Departments: Climate System
version 2.00b13/16