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ID: 6901.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Karp, D.S.; Tallis, H.; Sachse, R.; Halpern, B.; Thonicke, K.; Cramer, W.; Mooney, H.; Polasky, S.; Tietjen, B.; Waha, K.; Walz, A.; Wolny, S.
National indicators for observing ecosystem service change
In: Global Environmental Change, 35
2015. 12-21 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 5661.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Tallis, H.; Mooney, H.; Andelman, S.; Balvanera, P.; Cramer, W.; Karp, D.; Polasky, S.; Reyers, B.; Ricketts, T.; Running, S.; Thonicke, K.; Tietjen, B.; Walz, A.
A global system for monitoring ecosystem service change
In: BioScience, 62 , 11
2012. 977-986 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 5187.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Fischer, J.; Batáry, P.; Bawa, K. S.; Brussaard, L.; Chappell, M. J.; Clough, Y.; Daily, G. C.; Dorrough, J.; Hartel, T.; Jackson, L. E.; Klein, A. M.; Kremen, C.; Kümmerle, T.; Lindenmayer, D. B.; Mooney, H. A.; Perfecto, I.; Philpott, S. M.; Tscharntke, T.; Vandermeer, J.; Wanger, T. C.; von Wehrden, H.
Conservation: limits of land sparing
In: Science, 334 , 6056
2011. 593-593 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 4781.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Kremser, S.; Schofield, R.; Bodeker, G. E.; Connor, B. J.; Rex, M.; Barret, J.; Mooney, T.; Salawitch, R. J.; Canty, T.; Frieler, K.; Chipperfield, M. P.; Langematz, U.; Feng, W.
Retrievals of chlorine chemistry kinetic parameters from Antarctic ClO microwave radiometer measurements
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 , 11
2011. 5183-5193 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
4781.pdf (2.67 Mb)
ID: 4372.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Mace, G. M.; Cramer, W.; Diaz, S.; Faith, D. P.; Larigauderie, A.; Le Prestre, P.; Palmer, M.; Perrings, C.; Scholes, R. J.; Walpole, M.; Walther, B. A.; Watson, J. E. M.; Mooney, H. A.
Biodiversity targets after 2010
In: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2 , 1-2
2010. 3-8 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 3953.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Power, M. J.; Marlon, J.; Ortiz, N.; Bartlein, P. J.; Harrison, S. P.; Mayle, F. E.; Ballouche, A.; Bradshaw, R. H. W.; Carcaillet, C.; Cordova, C.; Mooney, S.; Moreno, P. I.; Prentice, I. C.; Thonicke, K.; Tinner, W.; Whitlock, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Ali, A. A.; Anderson, R. S.; Beer, R.; Behling, H.; Briles, C.; Brown, K. J.; Brunelle, A.; Bush, M.; Camill, P.; Chu, G. Q.; Clark, J.; Colombaroli, D.; Connor, S.; Daniau, A.-L.; Daniels, M.; Dodson, J.; Doughty, E.; Edwards, M. E.; Finsinger, W.; Foster, D.; Frechette, J.; Gaillard, M.-J.; Gavin, D. G.; Gobet, E.; Haberle, S.; Hallett, D. J.; Higuera, P.; Hope, G.; Horn, S.; Inoue, J.; Kaltenrieder, P.; Kennedy, L.; Kong, Z. C.; Larsen, C.; Long, C. J.; Lynch, J.; Lynch, E. A.; McGlone, M.; Meeks, S.; Mensing, S.; Meyer, G.; Minckley, T.; Mohr, J.; Nelson, D. M.; New, J.; Newnham, R.; Noti, R.; Oswald, W.; Pierce, J.; Richard, P. J. H.; Rowe, C.; Sanchez Gońi, M. F.; Shuman, B. N.; Takahara, H.; Toney, J.; Turney, C.; Urrego-Sanchez, D. H.; Umbanhowar, C.; Vandergoes, M.; Vanniere, B.; Vescovi, E.; Walsh, M.; Wang, X.; Williams, N.; Wilmshurst, J.; Zhang, J. H.
Changes in fire regimes since the Last Glacial Maximum: an assessment based on a global synthesis and analysis of charcoal data
In: Climate Dynamics, 30 , 7-8
2008. 887-907 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 1582.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Cramer, W.
Biome models
In: The earth system: Biological and ecological dimensions of global environmental change. Encyclopedia of global environmental change
Ed.: Mooney, H.; Canadell, J.
Chichester : Wiley International
2002. 166-171 p.
Doctype: Article in book
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
ID: 1419.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Cramer, W.; Olson, R. J.; Prince, S. D.; Scurlock, J.M.O. and members of the Global Primary Production Data Initiat
Global productivity: Determining present patterns
In: Terrestrial global productivity: Past, present, future
Ed.: Roy, J.; Saugier, B.; Mooney, H.
San Diego : Academic Press
2001. 429-448 p.
Doctype: Article in book
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
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