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ID: 5406.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Fensholt, R.; Langanke, T.; Rasmussen, K.; Reenberg, A.; Prince, S. D.; Tucker, C.; Scholes, R. J.; Le, Q. B.; Bondeau, A.; Eastman, R.; Epstein, H.; Gaughan, A. E.; Hellden, U.; Mbow, C.; Olsson, L.; Paruelo, J.; Schweitzer, C.; Seaquist, J.; Wessels, K.
Greenness in semi-arid areas across the globe 1981-2007 - an Earth Observing Satellite based analysis of trends and drivers
In: Remote Sensing of Environment, 121
2012. 144-158 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 5181.0, PIK / PIK Publications
von Wehrden, H.; Fischer, J.; Brandt, P.; Wagner, V.; Kümmerer, K.; Kümmerle, T.; Nagel, A.; Olsson, O.; Hostert, P.
Consequences of nuclear accidents for biodiversity and ecosystem services
In: Conservation Letters, 5 , 2
2012. 81-89 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 4715.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Biermann, F.; Pattberg, P.; Zelli, F.; v. Asselt, H.; Boas, I.; Flachsland, C.; Goel, N.; Hof, A.; Jerneck, A.; Massey, E.; Olsson, L.; Stripple, J.
Global climate governance after 2012: architecture, agency and adaptation
In: Making climate change work for us
Ed.: Hulme, M.; Neufeldt, H.
Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press
2010. 263-290 p.
Doctype: Article in book
ID: 3238.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Jandl, R.; Vesterdal, L.; Olsson, M.; Bens, O.; Badeck, F.-W.; Rock, J.
Review: Carbon sequestration and forest management
In: CAB Reviews, 2 , 017
2007. 1-16 p.
Doctype: Article (other journals)
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
ID: 2930.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Lindner, M.; Lucht, W.; Bouriaud, O.; Green, T.; Janssens, I. A.; Brumme, R.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Grace, J.; Lehtonen, A.; Lettens, S.; Liski, J.; Mencuccini, M.; Milne, R.; Nabuurs, G.-J.; Olsson, M.; Schadauer, K.; Troeltzsch, K.; Camp, N. V.; de Vries, W.; Williams, M.; Zaehle, S.
Specific study on forest greenhouse gas budget
Viterbo, Italy : University of Tuscia
2004. 62 p.
CarboEurope GHG Report SS1
Doctype: Book
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
ID: 1661.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Güntner, A.; Olsson, J.; Calver, A.; Gannon, B.
Cascade-based disaggregation of continuous rainfall time series: The influence of climate
In: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 5 , 2
2001. 145-164 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
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