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ID: 8581.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Landholm, D. M.; Pradhan, P.; Wegmann, P.; Sánchez, M. A. R.; Suárez Salazar, J. C.; Kropp, J. P.
Reducing deforestation and improving livestock productivity: GHG mitigation potential of silvopastoral systems in Caquetá
In: Environmental Research Letters
2019 (Online First).
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 8473.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Galmarini, S.; Cannon, A. J.; Ceglar, A.; Christensen, O. B.; Noblet-Ducoudré, N. de; Dentener, F.; Doblas-Reyes, F. J.; Dosio, A.; Gutierrez, J. M.; Iturbide, M.; Jury, M.; Lange, S.; Loukos, H.; Maiorano, A.; Maraun, D.; McGinnis, S.; Nikulin, G.; Riccio, A.; Sanchez, E.; Solazzo, E.; Toreti, A.; Vrac, M.; Zampieri, M.
Adjusting climate model bias for agricultural impact assessment: How to cut the mustard
In: Climate Services, 13
2019. 65-69 p.
Doctype: Article (other journals)
8473oa.pdf (566.74 Kb)
ID: 8067.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Mendizabal, M.; Peña, N.; García-Blanco, G.; Feliu, E.; Terenzi, A.; Latinos, V.; Peleikis, J.; Anza Porras, B.; Forino, G.; Firus, K.; Kropp, J.; Rybski, D.; Wyckmans, A.; Lobaccaro, G.; Dawson, R.; Ford, A.; Heidrich, O.; Ridder, K. de; Hooyberghs, H.; Floater, G.; Costa, H.; Sanchez, G.; Da Cunha, C.; Salakhova, D.; Hezel, B.; Broschkowski, E.
RAMSES Transition Handbbok & Training Package
Freiburg : TMG ICLEI European Secretariat
2017. 119 p.
Doctype: Report
8067.pdf (6.85 Mb)
ID: 5702.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Fischer, R.; Waldner, P.; Carnicer, J.; Coll, M.; Dobbertin, M.; Ferretti, M.; Hansen, K.; Kindermann, G.; Lasch-Born, P.; Lorenz, M.; Marchetto, A.; Meining, S.; Nieminen, T.; Peñuelas, J.; Rautio, P.; Reyer, C.; Roskams, P.; Sánchez, G.
The Condition of Forests in Europe
Hamburg : ICP Forests
2012. 20 p.
Executive report
Doctype: Report
ID: 2351.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Kellomäki, S.; Peltola, H.; Bauwens, B.; Dekker, M.; Mohren, F.; Badeck, F.-W.; Gracia, C.; Sánchez, A.; Pla, E.; Sabate, S.; Lindner, M.; Pussinen, A.
European mitigation and adaptation potentials: Conclusions and recommendations
In: Management of European Forests under Changing Climatic Conditions
Ed.: Kellomäki, S.; Leinonen, S.
Joensuu : University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forestry
2005. 401-427 p.
Research Notes ; 163
Doctype: Article in book
Departments: Global Change & Natural Systems
ID: 2892.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Nocke, T.; Schumann, H.; Böhm, U.; Flechsig, M.
Information visualization supporting modelling and evaluation tasks for climate models
In: Proceedings of the 2003 Winter Simulation Conference
Ed.: Chick, S.; Sánchez, P. J.; Ferrin, D.; Morrice, D. J.
2003 Winter Simulation Conference
2003. 763-771 p.
Doctype: Conference paper
Departments: Climate System, Data & Computation
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