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ID: 8598.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Petr, M.; Vacchiano, G.; Thom, D.; Mairota, P.; Kautz, M.; Goncalves, L. M. S.; Yousefpour, R.; Kaloudis, S.; Reyer, C. P. O.
Inconsistent recognition of uncertainty in studies of climate change impacts on forests
In: Environmental Research Letters
2019 (Online First).
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 8603.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Merganičová, K.; Merganič, J.; Lehtonen, A.; Vacchiano, G.; Zorana, M.; Sever, O.; Augustynczik, A. L. D.; Grote, R.; Kyselová, I.; Mäkelä, A.; Yousefpour, R.; Krejza, J.; Collalti, A.; Reyer, C. P. O.
Forest carbon allocation modelling under climate change
In: Tree Physiology
2019 (Accepted September).
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 8364.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Bugmann, H.; Seidl, R.; Hartig, F.; Bohn, F.; Bruna, J.; Cailleret, M.; Francois, L.; Heinke, J.; Henrot, A.-J.; Hickler, T.; Hülsmann, L.; Huth, A.; Jacquemin, I.; Kollas, C.; Lasch-Born, P.; Lexer, M. J.; Merganic, J.; Merganicova, K.; Mette, T.; Miranda, B. R.; Nadal-Sala, D.; Rammer, W.; Rammig, A.; Reineking, B.; Roedig, E.; Sabaté, S.; Steinkamp, J.; Suckow, F.; Vacchiano, G.; Wild, J.; Xu, C.; Reyer, C. P. O.
Tree mortality submodels drive simulated long‐term forest dynamics: assessing 15 models from the stand to global scale
In: Ecosphere, 10 , Art. e02616
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 8398.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Schewe, J.; Gosling, S. N.; Reyer, C.; Zhao, F.; Ciais, P.; Elliott, J.; Francois, L.; Huber, V.; Lotze, H. K.; Seneviratne, S. I.; Vliet, M. T. H. van; Vautard, R.; Wada, Y.; Breuer, L.; Büchner, M.; Carozza, D. A.; Chang, J.; Coll, M.; Deryng, D.; Wit, A. de; Eddy, T. D.; Folberth, C.; Frieler, K.; Friend, A. D.; Gerten, D.; Gudmundsson, L.; Hanasaki, N.; Ito, A.; Khabarov, N.; Kim, H.; Lawrence, P.; Morfopoulos, C.; Müller, C.; Müller Schmied, H.; Orth, R.; Ostberg, S.; Pokhrel, Y.; Pugh, T. A. M.; Sakurai, G.; Satoh, Y.; Schmid, E.; Stacke, T.; Steenbeek, J.; Steinkamp, J.; Tang, Q.; Tian, H.; Tittensor, D. P.; Volkholz, J.; Wang, X.; Warszawski, L.
State-of-the-art global models underestimate impacts from climate extremes
In: Nature Communications, 10 , Art. 1005
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
8398oa.pdf (2.24 Mb)
ID: 8217.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Collalti, A.; Trotta, C.; Keenan, T. F.; Ibrom, A.; Bond-Lambertry, B.; Grote, R.; Vicca, S.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Migliavacca, M.; Veroustraete, F.; Anav, A.; Campioli, M.; Scoccimarro, E.; Sigut, L.; Grieco, E.; Cescatti, A.; Matteucci, G.
Thinning can reduce losses in carbon use efficiency and carbon stocks in managed forests under warmer climate
In: Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 10 , 10
2018. 2427-2452 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
8217oa.pdf (1.39 Mb)
ID: 8122.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Garcia Cantu Ros, A.; Frieler, K.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Ciais, P.; Chang, J.; Ito, A.; Nishina, K.; Francois, L.; Henrot, A.-J.; Hickler, T.; Steinkamp, J.; Rafique, R.; Zhao, F.; Ostberg, S.; Schaphoff, S.; Tian, H.; Pan, S.; Yang, J.; Morfopoulos, C.; Betts, R.
Evaluating changes of biomass in global vegetation models: the role of turnover fluctuations and ENSO events
In: Environmental Research Letters, 13 , Art. 075002
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
8122oa.pdf (2.44 Mb)
ID: 7939.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Gutsch, M.; Lasch-Born, P.; Kollas, C.; Suckow, F.; Reyer, C. P. O.
Balancing trade-offs between ecosystem services in Germany's forests under climate change
In: Environmental Research Letters, 13 , Art. 045012
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7939oa.pdf (3.07 Mb)
ID: 7265.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Lasch-Born, P.; Suckow, F.; Gutsch, M.; Hauf, Y.; Hoffmann, P.; Kollas, C.; Reyer, C. P. O.
Fire, late frost, nun moth and drought risks in Germany's forests under climate change
In: Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 27 , 2
2018. 135-148 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7265oa.pdf (5.39 Mb)
ID: 8174.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Reyer, C. P. O.; Gutsch, M.; Lasch-Born, P.; Suckow, F.
Wechselwirkung: der Wald und das Klima
In: Forschung und Lehre, 25 , 8
2018. 654-656 p.
not peer-reviewed
Doctype: Article (other journals)
ID: 8045.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Vacchiano, G.; Ascoli, D.; Berzaghi, F.; Lucas-Borja, M. E.; Caignard, T.; Collalti, A.; Mairota, P.; Palaghianu, C.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Sanders, T. G. M.; Schermer, E.; Wohlgemuth, T.; Hacket-Pain, A.
Reproducing reproduction: How to simulate mast seeding in forest models
In: Ecological Modelling, 376
2018. 40-53 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
ID: 7914.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Yousefpour, R.; Augustynczik, A. L. D.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Lasch-Born, P.; Suckow, F.; Hanewinkel, M.
Realizing mitigation efficiency of European commercial forests by climate smart forestry
In: Nature Scientific Reports, 8 , Art. 345
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7914oa.pdf (3.09 Mb)
ID: 7584.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Chang, J.; Ciais, P.; Wang, X.; Piao, S.; Asrar, G.; Betts, R.; Chevallier, F.; Dury, M.; François, L.; Frieler, K.; Garcia Cantu Ros, A.; Henrot, A.-J.; Hickler, T.; Ito, A.; Morfopoulos, C.; Munhoven, G.; Nishina, K.; Ostberg, S.; Pan, S.; Rafique, R.; Reyer, C.; Rödenbeck, C.; Schaphoff, S.; Steinkamp, J.; Tian, H.; Viovy, N.; Yang, J.; Zeng, N.; Zhao, F.
Benchmarking carbon fluxes of the ISIMIP2a biome models
In: Environmental Research Letters, 12 , 045002
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7584oa.pdf (5.14 Mb)
ID: 7776.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Chen, M.; Rafique, R.; Asrar, G. R.; Bond-Lamberty, B.; Ciais, P.; Zhao, F.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Ostberg, S.; Chang, J.; Ito, A.; Yang, J.; Zeng, N.; Kalnay, E.; West, T.; Leng, G.; Francois, L.; Munhoven, G.; Henrot, A.; Tian, H.; Pan, S.; Nishina, K.; Viovy, N.; Morfopoulos, C.; Betts, R.; Schaphoff, S.; Steinkamp, J.; Hickler, T.
Regional contribution to variability and trends of global gross primary productivity
In: Environmental Research Letters, 12 , 105005
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7776oa.pdf (1.99 Mb)
ID: 7816.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Frieler, K.; Lange, S.; Piontek, F.; Reyer, C. P. O:; Schewe, J.; Warszawski, L.; Zhao, F.; Chini, L.; Denvil, S.; Emanuel, K.; Geiger, T.; Halladay, K.; Hurtt, G.; Mengel, M.; Murakami, D.; Ostberg, S.; Popp, A.; Riva, R.; Stevanovic, M.; Suzuki, T.; Volkholz, J.; Burke, E.; Ciais, P.; Ebi, K.; Eddy, T. D.; Elliott, J.; Galbraith, E.; Gosling, S. N.; Hattermann, F.; Hickler, T.; Hinkel, J.; Hof, C.; Huber, V.; Jägermeyr, J.; Krysanova, V.; Marcé, R.; Müller Schmied, H.; Mouratiadou, I.; Pierson, D.; Tittensor, D. P.; Vautard, R.; Vliet, M. van; Biber, M. F.; Betts, R. A.; Bodirsky, B. L.; Deryng, D.; Frolking, S.; Jones, C. D.; Lotze, H. K.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Sahajpal, R.; Thonicke, K.; Tian, H.; Yamagata, Y.
Assessing the impacts of 1.5 °C global warming - simulation protocol of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP2b)
In: Geoscientific Model Development, 10 , 12
2017. 4321-4345 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7816oa.pdf (3.78 Mb)
ID: 7792.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Horemans, J. A.; Henrot, A.; Delire, C.; Kollas, C.; Lasch-Born, P.; Reyer, C.; Suckow, F.; François, L.; Ceulemans, R.
Combining multiple statistical methods to evaluate the performance of process-based vegetation models across three forest stands
In: Central European Forestry Journal, 63 , 4
2017. 153-172 p.
Doctype: Article (other journals)
7792oa.pdf (1.23 Mb)
ID: 7688.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Ito, A.; Nishina, K.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Francois, L.; Henrot, A.-J.; Munhoven, G.; Jacquemin, I.; Tian, H.; Yang, J.; Pan, S.; Morfopoulos, C.; Betts, R.; Hickler, T.; Steinkamp, J.; Ostberg, S.; Schaphoff, S.; Ciais, P.; Chang, J.; Rafique, R.; Zeng, N.; Zhao, F.
Photosynthetic productivity and its efficiencies in ISIMIP2a biome models: benchmarking for impact assessment studies
In: Environmental Research Letters, 12 , 085001
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7688oa.pdf (2.59 Mb)
ID: 7342.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Köhl, M.; Plugge, D.; Gutsch, M.; Lasch-Born, P.; Müller, M.; Reyer, C.
Wald und Forstwirtschaft
In: Klimawandel in Deutschland
Ed.: Brasseur, G.; Jacob, D.; Schuck-Zöller, S.
Berlin : Springer Spektrum
2017. 193-201 p.
Springer Open
Doctype: Article in book
7342oa.pdf (475.64 Kb)
ID: 7060.0, PIK / PIK Publications
Otto, I. M.; Reckien, D.; Reyer, C. P. O.; Marcus, R.; Le Masson, V.; Jones, L.; Norton, A.; Serdeczny, O.
Social vulnerability to climate change: a review of concepts and evidence
In: Regional Environmental Change, 17 , 6
2017. 1651-1662 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
7060oa.pdf (419.05 Kb)
ID: 6966.0, PIK / PIK Publications , full text not public
Reyer, C. P. O.; Adams, S.; Albrecht, T.; Baarsch, F.; Boit, A.; Trujillo, N. C.; Cartsburg, M.; Coumou, D.; Eden, A.; Fernandes, E.; Langerwisch, F.; Marcus, R.; Mengel, M.; Mira-Salama, D.; Perette, M.; Pereznieto, P.; Rammig, A.; Reinhardt, J.; Robinson, A.; Rocha, M.; Sakschewski, B.; Schaeffer, M.; Schleussner, C.-F.; Serdeczny, O.; Thonicke, K.
Climate change impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean and their implications for development
In: Regional Environmental Change, 17 , 6
2017. 1601-1621 p.
Doctype: Article (ISI journal)
version 2.00b13/16